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Fellowship member 2022

Voor het vijfde jaar op rij lanceren we een fellowship. Het concept blijft min of meer gelijk. Je ontvangt 6 unieke en exclusieve bieren.

De prijs blijft 120 euro. We zijn u zeer dankbaar voor de extra steun die we momenteel hard nodig hebben.

De vijfde fellowship zal bestaan uit   6 x 75 cl en wordt gelanceerd op 29 april 2023.

Vandaag is het ook voor ons nog een raadsel welke houtgerijpte bieren uiteindelijk deel gaan uitmaken van de fellowship en/of welke experimenten we uit onze mouw gaan schudden. Er is eigenlijk maar één zekerheid, dat is Laurelin 2021, het bier met Schaarbeekse Krieken dat elk jaar opnieuw deel uit maakt van de Fellowship.

De 2021 Fellowshipbieren waren ...

Fellowship beer n°1 ... is not a big surprise, it's a Fellowship classic. Laurelin 2020 is a Cuvee Sofie aged on Vermouth barrel. We macerated it with 50% Schaarbeekse Kriek and 50% sloeberries. Harvest of Schaarbeekse Kriek was quite poor this year, so I decided to add sloeberries to get the amount of fruit needed, which is at least 200 gram/l. It's a match made in heaven.

Fellowship beer n° 2 ... please meet Pippin. Cuvee Sofie aged on French Calvados barrel and Portugese Carcavelos barrel. Lot's of apple from the Calvados barrel and sweet late harvest grape flavours from the Carcavelos barrel. Pippin is not only the fearless Hobbit who likes the comfort of the Shire, it also happen to be a distinctive green apple with a tangy flesh and sweet, rich flavor that improves with age. Now that's exactly what I believe this beer will do as well, improve with age.

Fellowship beer n°3 ... Treebeard, is a beast, a 17 abv beast that will always remind me of that brewday when so much went wrong. Lautering got completly stuck, it was a nightmare emptying the mashtun, I had 10 hl where it should have been 20 hl. But that little we had, we barrel aged. And even then things did not go the way we hoped. Except those two maple syrup barrels we filled with what we called Leonardo. My dear Fellows, this one will be the star of the next Fellowship. It's that beer that doesn't even taste or looks like beer, but that will blow your mind. Trees never meet eachother, only people do, well except maybe Treebeard.

Fellowship beer n°4 ... Forodwaith. Cuvee Sofie aged on Marsala barrel, macerated with Swedish cloudberries. Special thanks to Fredrik from Jackdaw brewery in Upsala Sweden for getting me this Swedish gold and a massive thank you to my dear friend Per Lindberg who drove all the way from Sweden to Moen to deliver these frozen and oh so hard to find berries.

The Sindarin name Forodwaith translates loosely as "Northern Waste", and was a name for the land north of the Iron Mountains of the First Age.

Fellowship beer n°5 ... Ravens of Erebor. Black as ravens should be, this Mano Negra aged on Gin barrel with some dried medlar added to it. Like a liquid liquor chocolate.

Fellowship beer n°6 ... Glaurung. Smoked as to be expected from a dragon beer. This time we smoked mango and added it to a Sourire de Mortagne aged on Spanish Brandy barrels.

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