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Fellowship of Alvinne

Fellowship of Alvinne 2018 Fellowship of Alvinne

€ 100,00


You will receive 3 liters  of our special exclusive beers. This can be either our 20cl, 33cl, 50cl or 75cl bottles, depending on e.g. the harvest of Schaarbeekse Kriek. The beers, number of different beers and the quantity of each beer will be a surprise each time. The ‘’fellowship’’ beer is in the first place exclusivly for Fellowship members.
As you possibly know, only a few hundred bottles of these very exclusive beers are produced. Some examples of why our production is so limited:        
⁃                Some of the ingredients are very rare (e.g. Schaarbeekse Krieken, ...) 
⁃                The production method can be very labor-intense (e.g. foraging fruit and blossoms, ...) 
⁃                The batch can be a sample/prototype  
⁃                The used barrel might be difficult to obtain  

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