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Nine for Mortal Men Doomed to Die 33 cl - 2018 Fel

Nine for Mortal Men Doomed to Die 33 cl - 2018 Fel Nine for Mortal Men Doomed to Die 33 cl - 2018 Fel

€ 8,00

Beschikbaar - Voorraad: 15


The ninth Fellowship ale closing the ring, a hefty barleywine consisting of a complex blend of Cuvée d'Erpigny and Cuvée de Mortagne, with part of the first one having undergone the Eisbock treatment - clearly no effort was spared here to create a mighty ale that demands respect and caution. A loosely knit, off-white, large-bubbled head forms on a truly ravishing, 'automny' robe of molten copper, a deep and misty bronze with an amberish glow - I have rarely seen a beer so visually perfect for a windy February afternoon. The aroma is as intoxicating as it is gorgeous: a carrousel of odors enter the nostrils, varying between candied figs, dried orange peel, hazelnut liqueur, almond, frozen cherries, calvados, cloves, pecan nuts, fried apples, old oak furniture, venison stewed in madera, dried sausage, varnish and dry forest floor. A noble, candied sweetness opens the palate: candied figs and cherries, marmalade and a ton of softly carbonated nuttiness in its purest, finest form, merging seamlessly into a profound, multi-layered maltiness, deeply nutty and bready with a toffeeish edge, massive and intense, carrying an almost unfathomably complex structure of fried apple, madera, very strong drying wood tannins and candied orange, with a lingering yet up till this stage, unforeseen aspect in the end I can only compare with hazelnut saucisson - an umami presence that adds an extra, playful layer of complexity to an already hugely complex beer. All these different flavors are perfectly tied together by a calvados-colored alcohol glow, soothing the chest and warming the heart, yet avoiding harshness - which at this ABV is highly remarkable and a testimony of Alvinne's capacity to produce beers that belong to the top quality beverages in the world. This barleywine to me is on a par with the world's greatest examples of the style and among the most majestic beers Alvinne has ever produced - I am left deeply impressed. A monument of a beer, but as announced on the label, treat this one with care and utmost respect, as it has enough power and strength to fell nine mortal men in one blow...

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