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Llothlorien 75 cl - Fellowship 2019 Llothlorien

€ 16,50


Fellowship beer n°4, Llothlorien

Lothlorien was a forest and Elven realm near the lower Misty Mountains. It was considered one pf the most beautifull places in Middle Earth.

Galadriel's magic, later revealed as the power of her ring Nenya enriched the land and made it a magic forest into which evil could not enter without difficulty. The only way that Llothlórien could have been conquered by the armies of Mordor is if Sauron had come there himself.

Fellowship beer n°4 Llothlorien was brewed with and by two Catalan Elves. The result, Cuvée Anna, was aged on 400 l red wine barrel. We've added handpicked plums, sloeberries, blackberries and some blueberries (not handpicked). Dark fruits of the forest macerated on a Flemish red ale, I promise you, you will find yourself in Llothlorien.

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