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Icebay of Forochel

Icebay of Forochel 20 cl - Fellowship 2019 Icebay of Forochel

€ 16,50


Fellowship beer n°6 ... Icebay of Forochel

In the distant north of Middle-earth between the far reaches of the Blue and the Misty Mountains, lay a wide icy bay of the Great Sea. This was the mighty Icebay of Forochel(the name Forochel means 'northern ice'), which extended far into the coldest regions of the north of Arda. To the north and west, the bay was sheltered from the Sea by the curve of the Cape of Forochel.
Despite its freezing climate, tribes of Men lived around the shores of the Icebay.

Fellowship beer n°6 is an Icebock, a technique that the Men living around the shores of the Icebay may have mastered. It's a simple technique of freezing and thawing. At Alvinne we blended Pays d'Erpigny and it's barrel aged version Cuvee d'Erpigny, as icebocking will intensify flavours and one needs to be carefull not to end up with an overpowering tannic flavor. Before bottling we added some Palo Santo wood and some PX Sherry sirop we collected from our PX barrels.

Icebay of Forochel has about 22 vol%alc, It's only a 20 cl bottle, the perfect digestif, the best nightcap around.

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